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What's eComBotTravel ?


The eComBotTravel™ is comprehensive tools for creating a web site of B2B2C e-Tourism. It instantly provides facilities of e-travel catalog, online reservation system, secure e-payment system, e-travel portal site service, e-back-office management system, and e-travel network/chain management system on the Internet. Finally, it will automatically create the Win-Win e-Travel Network Exchange and e-Marketplace for all businesses in the travel industry.

 B2C e-Tourism_______ __________________________________________________________

The eComBotTravel™ for B2C part comes with user-friendly web site & online reservation system creators and editors that allow a user to update the site contents and travel services at their convenience, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It has a number of features and facilities as follows.*

  • It serves a wide range of travel services such as accommodations, tours, car rentals, and etc.

  • You can easily build your own B2C web site for selling your travel services directly to worldwide tourists with an online catalog of travel products/services (e.g. rooms, package tours, and car rentals).

  • It provides ready-made online booking systems that connected to a secure (real-time) credit card payment system. All you need to do is to put in details of your travel products/services and their prices. In case you already have your own web site, the eComBotTravel™ allows you to make a direct connection your service packages with our online booking system as well.

  • It supports multi-languages. As a result, you can serve wider target groups with different languages in your web site.

  • You can take multi-currencies, USD for English language and JPY for Japanese language, for example.

  • You can have web pages for each of your travel products/services under one umbrella of your web site.

  • It equips with a secure (real-time/semi-online/offline) credit card payment system, which allows you to use either your own merchant account or our eComBotTravel™ merchant account.

  • It provides a reservation tracking system for tourists to be able to track the status of their reservations.

  • You can put in your sales promotion activities in your web site.

  • You can customize the web templates using allowed programming scripts to make your web pages look different from the rest of the pack.

  • It provides you with sales reports and statistics.

  • It allows you to link some parts of the menu to your existing web pages. For example, you can link the Home menu to the home page of your existing web site.

  • The finished B2C travel web site will be automatically linked with our world collaborative e-Tourism marketplace & network (the world portal site of travel portal sites), namely

  • You can learn more about our B2C e-tourism features here or test a real version by yourself.

     B2B e-Tourism_______ __________________________________________________________

     The eComBotTravel™ provides the following B2B facilities.*

  • It provides a password-protected trading room for you and your partner to conduct a business.

  • It gives you a travel service allotment controlling system.

  • It allows your partners to plan or create their custom-made travel services/packages, which fit their market needs. This can be done via DIY travel planning system.

  • It provides shared database of tourist attractions, which you can mix this with your web contents.

  • It allows you to build your own travel portal site of your travel products/services and those of others from the eComBotTravel™ database/network. As a result, you will be able to earn commissions on those travel products/services and/or rental fee collected from your partners or members.

  • The finished B2B travel web site will be automatically linked with our world collaborative e-Tourism marketplace & network (the world portal site of travel portal sites), namely

  • Click here if you want to learn more about B2B e-Tourism Features.

     Back Office__________ __________________________________________________________

     The back office management software for e-tourism will provide the following facilities.*

  • It provides the most variety of fulfilment and back-office management systems. For example, tourist grouping, hotel contacting and booking confirmation, air ticket booking confirmation, guide deligation and scheduling, transfer scheduling and acitivities planning and confirmation management systems.

  • It helps you sell some optional tour packages or manage package tours that come with many options.

  • It provides connectivity between online and offline travel service allotment controlling system.

  • It can connect with a bill presentment and payment system to collect bills from your partners.

  • It can connect with e-CRM (electronic Customer Relationship Management) and member system.

  • It facilitates you with a correspondent system and a customer and partner account management system.

  • It provides accounting information connectivity.

  • It allows you to retrieve information and create reports as you like.

  • Click here if you want to learn more about e-Tourism Back-Office Management Features.

     Online Travel Chain & Network Management______ ________________________________

     The online travel chain & network management software will provide the following facilities. *

  • You can use the eComBotTravel™ software to setup your own e-travel chain & network of travel agencies and travel suppliers on the internet. This is very efficient for you to reduce your management and communication cost and get a high sales volume.

  • It is easier to create a B2B2C network among your e-travel business partners, other e-travel networks and tourists. This network of e-travel networks under the eComBotTravel™ system would be automatically formed as the e-Travel Network Exchange and e-Marketplace which help travel businessmen easily find their customers.

  • It comes with an affiliate system that allows you to find and appoint travel partners.


    All of the above features and facilities are designed to help travel companies save their management costs, and at the same time help them expand their services to new markets worldwide. This is a new way of doing business in the travel industry, where almost all players are now online. Now is the perfect time that you make a right decision to go online too.


    Remark : * Each of standard eComBotTravel™ software does not include all of the above features and facilities. You must pay extra to use the optional features and facilities.

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